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Motherbase was built from the ground up to help our clients carry-out their open-innovation projects. Initially, Motherbase was a collection of startup databases we had assembled for our consulting projects. Three years later, thanks to the work of our dedicated research and development teams, Motherbase is a fully-fledged, feature-rich open-innovation platform.

Motherbase deciphers the innovation ecosystems of over 1.000 large organizations : understand how a corporate company interacts with startups, who are these startups, which sectors and technologies they represent, etc…

Search results can be displayed on a map in order to visualize trends across regions, countries and continents. Motherbase is the only platform place where can instantly visualize how your ecosystem is spread around the world !

Motherbase users can export data from the platform according to their needs:

  • Preformatted csv files to input into third party data visualization tools
  • Flat Excel exports for reporting and presentation purposes
  • JSON exports for further data manipulation

Do you need to keep a close eye on a specific sector? When new companies appear working on a specific technology? Monthly fundraiser recaps? With Motherbase, you can decide what information is important to you and how you want to receive it.

Motherbase has identified, analysed and qualified over 60.000 entities. Each entity has its dedicated page, including basic information, social networks, activity tracking, fundraising, similar companies and more !

Motherbase features the fastest startup search engine on the market today. Our AI has qualified every startup in our database (sector, technology, entity type, …); our search engine relies on these to bring you exactly the results you are looking for, everytime.

Motherbase’s data can be used to generate social graphs to represent ecosystems in minutes : How do startups interact with corporates in a given field ? How are startups between different business sectors in a particular area? What are the communication trends of startups working in AI? Mapping out these ecosystems is essential to get a clear view of them and answer these questions.

Each startup page includes fundraising data (when available) thanks to our partnership with Crunchbase. This gives our users further insights into companies’ progress, with information about funds raised, investors, investment stages, etc…

Why is Motherbase different?

Dynamic database

Motherbase is the only dynamic startup database on the market: our algorithms constantly crawl the web to update our data, ensuring the content is always fresh and relevant.

AI core

Motherbase is based on AI developed by our researchers designed specifically to fetch, analyse and qualify data relating to startups and innovation ecosystems. All our content is generated 100% automatically with no human intervention, making Motherbase the only scalable startup databse.

Breadth of scope

Motherbase is the only platform to provide an in-depth analysis of 40 verticals and 40 technologies, with the ability to analyse new ones on the fly.

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Motherbase X Partners

We are proud to integrate Crunchbase’s fundraising data into our platform. As we are concerned with innovation and startups, fundraisers are an essential piece of the puzzle when trying to paint the big picture of an ecosystem.

“We’re excited to work with Motherbase to bring our powerful private company data directly to their customers. It’s great to see innovative companies like Motherbase leveraging the Crunchbase API to enrich their products, and improve user experiences across the globe.”

Nealesh Patel, Crunchbase

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Motherbase is an AI solution dedicated to identifying and analysing innovation ecosystems. It is the only AI solution to analyse interactions between companies on social networks. Motherbase enables teams in corporate organisations to scout and map out their ecosystems, track the competition, source startups, and much much more.

Motherbase is 100% built in France by a team of dedicated researchers and developers.

Mind Media relies on Motherbase to produce articles about innovation ecosystems in different sectors. Our unique corporate-startup interaction data enables them to bring new insights to their clients, insights that would be impossible to find anywhere else!

Motherbase is a partner of La Tribune for the 10 000 Startups 8th season. The team at La Tribune will be using the platform to scout out startups in 8 cities in France (Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes et Paris), as they aim to find and promote startups that will bring about real positive change to society.